Whether you are just getting your business started, bootstrapping it for a few years,
or wondering what's next five years after launching, your biggest asset is having a
clear definition of what success means to you.


Me be like all...

I have 15 years in design, branding, and marketing. Having worked as a designer for companies such as Nike and Wieden + Kennedy, I thrive on making interesting projects and products come to life. 

Years ago, in my search to better understand my passions in life, I developed a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship. After years of researching and brainstorming new ideas, I came across an excellent opportunity to co-found Churchkey Can Co., a [COMPANY THAT DOES WHAT. Something inspirational here]. 

Needless to say, I quit my day job and dove into the deep end. The endless opportunities to collaborate and connect with a new community of likeminded people since then has been invigorating. As a result, my main focus is now dedicated entirely to helping others make the leap that's right for them.


Other projects:
Work Undone Podcast
Personal Art work







Justin is a trusted advisor and friend, and has been instrumental in my company's success. He helped me refine ORU through thoughtful design critique, both in branding and product development, and offers consistently practical and valuable feedback regarding production systems, brand positioning, and profitability. (In short, he’s awesome.)

- Agnieszka Zoltowski | Oru Jewelry


Justin created a strong identity for Subway Book Review. It fits the style of my blog perfectly. The bookmark-business card speaks to his inventiveness and unique eye for design. Multifunctional, simple, beautiful. People notice it and comment on it all the time. Justin really listens and sees the soul of the project - and he gets things done. I love working with him.

- Uli Beutter Cohen | co-founder of everbliss and the creator of Subway Book Review


Justin has encouraged me to take a “someday” idea and make it happen now. Many people have dreams that are just that - dreams - and stay on the back burner for decades. Our time here is short, and having a coach like Justin push you to the next level is an invaluable investment in yourself.

- Xylia Buros | Writer, journalist & globetrotter